Genre tags aren’t they a blummin’ ball ache . . .

While I would never count all the artists listed below as folk musicians or even folk bands, they fall within my ‘Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadour’ spectrum. So here’s a glossary of those musical wayfarers who resided on these scepter’d isles and who, in my opinion, dipped their toes into the slowly winding river of the type of music I like . . .

Wayfarers All, lovingly curated and commingled into a ‘collection of ten’ mixes that I do, enjoy . . .


Band formed in the late 1960’s and recorded just the one album for the ‘Deram Nova’ label. Band members : Dave Watts , David Skillin, Frank Clark , Paddy Coulter, Stan Aldous, Steve Milliner

Progressive folk band active from 1969 to 1971. Members : Brian Cresswell, Don Partridge, Gordon Giltrap, Ian Hoyle, Malcolm Pool

Progressive folk band with just one album release ‘Fly Away’ on ‘Merlin Records’ in 1970. Members : John Ferdinando, Lee Menelaus, Peter Howell

Daevid Allen & Euterpe
Co-founder of the Canterbury formed psychedelic group ‘Soft Machine’ and then the leader of the multi-national ‘Gong’. David was actually Australian but if ‘Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs’ can use him in their compilation ‘English Weather’ I hope I can too

A London-based close-harmony pop / folk / rock band. Members : Dyan Birch, Frank Collins, Lloyd Courtenay, Paddie McHugh, Tony O’Malley

Joan Armatrading
Singer, songwriter, and guitarist who was born December 9, 1950 in Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis in the West Indies. She moved with her family to Birmingham in 1957 and in the early 1970s moved to London to perform in a repertory production of ‘Hair’

Steve Ashcroft
Had one album released on ‘Wild Dog Records’. All songs on this album were written by Steve, except the lyrics of ‘Sad Songs Again’ they were written in a beach hut at Bournemouth by Steve’s cousin ‘Mike Thomas’

Art / folk / rock band which existed from 1969 until 1972 and then from 2004 until 2013. Members : Bobby Keys, Howard Werth, Jim Price, Keith Gemmell, Nick Judd, Tony Connor, Trevor Williams


Peter Bardens
Born 1945 in London, UK; died 2002 in Malibu, California, USA. Former member of ‘Them’ and ‘Camel’ he released 10 solo albums

Battered Ornaments, The
Had one album released ‘Mantle-Piece’ 1969 and 2 singles. ‘The Battered Ornaments’ were an ambitious band put together by lyricist ‘Pete Brown’, known for writing many of ‘Cream’s’ songs with ‘Jack Bruce’. Forming in 1969, they featured Brown on vocals and trumpet, Graham Layden (vocals), Chris Spedding (guitar), Charlie Hart (organ, violin), George Khan (sax), Butch Potter (bass), Rob Tait (drums), and Pete Bailey (percussion)

David Bowie
Really ?

Martyn Bradley
Just one release on ‘Greenwich Village’ in 1980. Bradley was also a member of ‘Gwyllam Wake’, the folk group formed in 1971, Chichester, Sussex

Marc Brierley
Released two albums on CBS; ‘Welcome To The Citadel’ 1968 and ‘Hello’ in 1969. Later featured in the band ‘Brierley Cross’ with maestro guitarist ‘Steve Cross’

Anne Briggs
Folk singer born 29 September 1944. Featured on the risqué folk compilation ‘The Bird In The Bush (Traditional Erotic Songs)’ with ‘A. L. Lloyd’, ‘Frankie Armstrong’, ‘Alf Edwards’ and ‘Dave Swarbrick’. Released two solo albums in 1969 ‘Anne Briggs’on Topic and ‘The Time Has Come’ both on ‘CBS’

Not to be confused with the American band also called ‘Bronco’, this folk rock outfit were from the UK and released three albums in the early 1970’s. Members : Dan Fone, Jess Roden, John Pasternak, Kevyn Gammond, Paul Lockey, Pete Robinson, Robbie Blunt

Vashti Bunyan
‘Jennifer Vashti Bunyan’ was born in 1945 her debut album, ‘Just Another Diamond Day’ captured Bunyan’s travels in a Gypsy caravan and was released in 1970. The album sold very few copies and Bunyan, discouraged, abandoned her musical career. It later became a much sort after album and received the praise it deserved


Part of the Canterbury scene ‘Caravan’ formed in January 1968. Members : Richard Coughlan, Pye Hastings, David Sinclair, Richard Sinclair

Formed in 1971 with an original lineup of : Andrew Latimer, Peter Bardens, Doug Ferguson, Andy Ward

Nadia Cattouse
‘Nadia Evadne Cattouse’ was born 2 November 1924 in Belize City, British Honduras. Moved to the UK in the 1950s. She released two solo albums; ‘Nadia Cattouse’ and ‘Earth Mother’

Michael Chapman
From Leeds, Yorkshire, ‘Michael Chapman’ first appeared on the London and Cornwall folk circuits in 1967, alongside ‘John Martyn’ and ‘Roy Harper’. He recorded his debut album in 1969 and three subsequent albums on the Harvest label. He has been prolifically releasing music ever since

Keith Christmas
In 1969 ‘Keith Christmas’ recorded his first album ‘Stimulus’ at Sound Control in Chelsea, London . ‘Mighty Baby’ were given the task of backing the tracks and partly because of this the album has become a collector’s item

Released their first and only album ‘Chumley’s Laughing Gear’ in 1971. Members : Clive Franks, Jeff Titmus, Kaplan Kaye, Stuart Epps

Just one release by Cobweb (Acoustic Harmony Band) a seven inch on the Stuart Johnson Productions label in 1977

Country Sun
‘The Colour Is Blue’ featured on the compilation ‘There Is Some Fun Going Forward’ released in 1972 on ‘Dandelion Records’ the label founded and run by ‘John Peel’ and his manager ‘Clive Selwood’ from 1969-72

Kevin Coyne
Singer, songwriter, guitarist, painter, poet and writer, born Derby 1944. His first album ‘Case History’ was released on ‘Dandelion Records’ in 1972


Released a self titled album in 1971 and just one single release. Members : Spike Heatley, Tony Carr, Lynn Dobson, Chrissie Quayle, Mike Silver, Steve Hayton

Go and read ‘The Hurdy Gurdy Man’ by ‘Donovan Phillips Leitch’

Nick Drake
Folk legend


East of Eden
Formed in Bristol by ‘Dave Arbus’, ‘Ron Caines’, ‘Geoff Nicholson’ and ‘Geoff Britton’. They relocated to London in 1968 and were signed to Decca’s progressive rock label ‘Deram’, releasing their first album ‘Mercator Projected’ in 1969

Alan James Eastwood
Also known as ‘Bugsy’ Eastwood. He released one album ‘Seeds’ on ‘President Records’ in 1971. He was a former member of ‘Eastwood & Powell’, ‘The Brumbeats’, ‘The Exception’, and ‘The Merseyboys’

Edgar Broughton Band
Founded in 1968 in Warwick, England. Members : Arthur Grant, Creepy John Thomas, Edgar Broughton, Lewis Taylor, Luke Broughton, Richard de Bastion, Steve Broughton, Victor Unitt

Dave Evans
Finger-picking guitarist born in Bangor, Wales. After serving in the Navy he moved to Bristol with ‘Steve Tilston’. Signed up the label ‘The Village Thing’ and released the Ian A. Anderson produced ‘The Words In Between’, ‘Elephantasia’, moved to ‘Kicking Mule Records’ and released two more albums


Fairport Convention
Folk rock legends formed in 1967

Marianne Faithfull
Born Hampstead, London. Signed to ‘Decca’ in the 1960s

Gary Farr
‘Gary Anthony Farr’ was born in 1944. He released ‘Take Something With You’ on Marmalade in 1969 and ‘Strange Fruit’ on ‘CBS’ in 1970. In 1973 he released ‘Addressed To The Censors Of Love’ on ‘ATCO’. He was also a member of ‘The Lion And The Fish’ with ‘Kevin Westlake’

Bill Fay
Singer, songwriter and pianist, who began writing in the early 1960s while studying at university. In 1966 he recorded a demo using the mobile studio of ‘John Boden’. Impressed by the demo, ‘ex-Them’ drummer ‘Terry Noon’ helped ‘Fay’ to sign a recording contract with ‘Decca’

Hugh Featherstone Blyth
UK singer songwriter based in Germany. Released three albums on the ‘Minos & Stelis’ label in the late 1970s

Simon Finn
Arrived in London in 1967. His first performance was about 3 months later, opening for ‘Al Stewart’ at the ‘Marquee’ on their ‘Wednesday Folk Night’. His first album ‘Pass The Distance’ was released on ‘Mushroom’ in 1970

Also known as ‘The Foggy Dew-O’ they released four albums in the 1970s. Members : Danny Clarke, Lennie Wesley later replaced by Rob Jones

Folkal Point
From Bristol, ‘Folkal Point’ put out a self titled rare album of acoustic British folk in 1971 on ‘Midas Recordings’

Ritchie Francis
Released one album in 1971 on ‘Peg’ called ‘Song Bird’ he also featured in bands ‘Big Sleep’ and ‘Eyes Of Blue’

Fresh Maggots
Released a self titled album on ‘RCA Victor’ in 1971. Members : Leigh Dolphin and Mick Burgoyne

Frozen Tears
‘Four Ways’ were a school band that formed in 1963 they later changed their name to ‘Frozen Tear’. They became popular in and around the Plymouth area. They released one single on ‘Ra Records’ in 1970


Dana Gillespie
‘Richenda Antoinette de Winterstein Gillespie’ was born in London in 1949. She released ‘Foolish Season’ on ‘London Records’ in 1968, and ‘Box Of Surpises’ on ‘Decca’ one year later. She also featured in ‘Third Man’, ‘David Bowie & Friends’, and ‘The Frankie Reid Band’

Belle Gonzalez
‘Isabela Gonzalez’ sang with the ‘Sandy Brown Jazz Band’. She released her only solo album ‘Belle’ on ‘Columbia’ in 1972


Hard Meat
Formed 1969 in Birmingham, disbanded 1971. Released two albums on ‘Warner Bros.’ – ‘Through A Window’ and a self titled in 1970. Members : Mick Dolan, Steve Dolan, Mick Carless

Roy Harper
Born 1941, Rusholme, Manchester. Released ‘Sophisticated Beggar’ his first album in 1967 on ‘Strike’ later signed to ‘Harvest’

Chris Harwood
‘Nice To Meet Miss Christine’ was released on ‘Birth Records’ in 1970 and is the only record she made

Bryn Haworth
His debut album ’Let The Days Go By’ was released in 1974 on ‘Island Records’. He went on to release albums through the 1970s and 1980s. The singer songwriter and guitarist also featured in ‘Chocolate Frog’ and ‘Les Fleur De Lys’

Band formed in Chichester in 1967. Released self titled album on ‘Dawn’ in 1970. Members : G.T. Moore, Roy Apps, Steve Jones, Tony Pook

Catherine Howe
Female English singer-songwriter. She began a successful acting career in the late 1960s. In 1971 she released the master piece ‘What A Beautiful Place’ on the UK label ‘Reflection’

Humble Pie
‘Steve Marriott’ formed Humble Pie in 1968 with ‘Greg Ridley’, ‘Peter Frampton’ and ‘Jerry Shirley’


Progressive band formed in 1969, disbanded in 1975

They released just one record, an album called ‘A Game For All Who Know’ on ‘Merlin Records’ in 1973. Members : Brian Hussey, John Ferdinando, Lee Menelaus, Martin Garrett, Peter Howell


Bert Jansch & John Renbourn
Folk royalty

Gavin James
Born in Ealing, West London. He made a living by playing music in Sweden, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. Released two albums ‘Spring Fever’ on ‘Ivy Records’ in 1984 and followed by ‘Flowing’ on ‘Ranke Music’

Jethro Tull
Folk rock art band formed in 1967. Their first album ‘This Was’ came out on ‘Island records’ in 1968

Al Jones
 Was born 1945 in Saffron Walden, Essex. He released ‘Alun Ashworth-Jones’ on ‘Parlophone’ in 1969, followed by ‘Jonesville’ on ‘The Village Thing’ in 1972

Folk rock band who released one album on ‘UNI’ in 1970. Two singles were released ‘Leave Me Be’ on ‘Dot Records’ in 1969 and ‘She Brings The Morning With Her’ from the album in 1970


Jonathan Kelly
‘Jonathan Ledingham’ was a member of the Irish folk group ‘The Boomerangs’. He released his first album ‘Jonathan Kelly’ on ‘Parlophone’ in 1970 and then moved to ‘RCA Victor’ where he released ‘Twice Around The Houses’ in 1972 and two further albums

King Crimson
The first line-up comprised guitarist ‘Robert Fripp’, lyricist and lighting man ‘Peter Sinfield’ (who ‘invented’ the name of the band), composer and multi-instrumentalist ‘Ian McDonald’, bassist and vocalist ‘Greg Lake’, and drummer ‘Michael Giles’. ‘In The Court Of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson)’ was released in 1969 on ‘Island Records’


The Lion & The Fish
‘Kevin Westlake & Gary Farr’ released under the name ‘The Lion And The Fish’ featuring on the French compilation ‘The Marmalade Record Co. Show Olympia 68’

Featured on the OST of “The Wicker Man’ they were actually the band ‘Magnet’ members included : Andrew Tompkins, Bernard Murray, Gary Carpenter, Ian Cutler, Michael Cole, Paul Giovanni, Peter Brewis


Magic Carpet
Psychedelic folk rock band who released one LP on the Mushroom label in 1972. Members : Alisha Sufit, Clem Alford, Jim Moyes, Keshav Sathe

Malcolm & Alwyn
The duo of ‘Alwyn Wall’ and ‘Malcolm Wild’ formed in the early 1970s. Their Christian inspired ‘Fools Wisdom’ came out in 1973 on ‘Pye’

Manfred Mann
Founded in 1962 by ‘Manfred Mann’ and ‘Mike Hugg’ as ‘Mann Hugg Blues Brothers’. The band’s line-up changed several times before the break up in 1969

Manfred Mann Chapter Three
After the break up ‘Manfred Mann’ and ‘Mike Hugg’ formed the short lived ‘Manfred Mann Chapter Three’ releasing two sort after albums on ‘Vertigo’ – Self Titled in 1969 and ‘Volume Two’ a year later

Stuart Marson
Released one album ‘Night Falls On The Orchestra’ on the ‘Sweet Folk And Country’ label in 1974

John Martyn
Legend with a complicated past

John & Beverley Martyn
The husband and wife partnership released two albums on ‘Warner Bros. Records’ in 1970, ‘Stormbringer’ and ‘The Road To Ruin’

Marvin, Welch & Farrar
Formed in 1970 by ‘ex The Shadows’ members ‘Hank Marvin’ and Bruce ‘Welch’ as a change of direction, joined by ‘ex-The Strangers’ guitarist ‘John Farrar’. Released two albums on ‘Regal Zonophne’ in 1971

Nigel Mazlyn Jones
Guitarist, singer, instrumentalist, working in the fields of singer-songwriter, folk, prog rock and new age musics. His second album ‘Sentinel & The Fools Of The Finest Degree’ was released on the ‘Isle Of Light’ label in 1979

Shelagh McDonald
Scottish singer/songwriter ‘Shelagh McDonald’ was a budding folk star in Bristol and London from 1968 on. She recorded two solo albums ‘Album’ and ‘Stargazer,’ for ‘Sandy Roberton’s’ ‘B&C Records’. In 1971 during the sessions for her third album she abruptly disappeared. Her whereabouts were unknown until November 2005 when she visited the Scottish Daily Mail offices to talk about writing new songs

McDonald And Giles
Wonderful but short band, formed by former members of ‘King Crimson’ : Ian McDonald, Michael Giles, Peter Giles

Mae McKenna
Celtic folk singer who later sang backing vocals on pop songs. Her first three albums were released on ‘Transatlantic Records’ between 1975/77

Sylvia McNeill
Released a number of singles on ‘RCA Victor’ in the late 1960s early 1970s

Melton Constable
The song ‘River Lane’ appears on a few comps but little is known of the band. Apparently they were originally from Cambridge and may or may not have featured ‘Steve Brooks’ and were allegedly signed to the same label as the Northampton band ‘Dark’ who’s release ‘Dark Round The Edges’ is now considered to be one of the most valuable records ever

Mighty Baby
Formed in 1968 by ex-members of ‘The Action’ active through to 1971 and played the first ‘Glastonbury Fayre’. Members : Alan King, Ian Whiteman, Martin Stone, Mike Evans, Roger Powell

Moody Blues, The
Formed in Birmingham 1964. Members : Ray Thomas, Mike Pinder, Graeme Edge, Justin Hayward, John Lodge, Clint Warwick, Denny Laine

Released one album ‘Count Me Out’ in 1971 on the ‘Mother’ label

Mr. Brooks
‘Dave Brooks’ was born in Sheffield in 1951. He wrote the theme music for the groundbreaking 1974 BBC documentary series ‘The Family’ which was released as a single by ‘EMI’ under the name of Mr. Brooks. He toured regularly and was the opening act for many bands including ‘Fairport Convention’, ‘Chris Farlowe’ and ‘Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance’


Paul Nicholas
‘Paul Oscar Beuselinck’ used many names in his music and acting career that started in the 1960s. As a child of the seventies he will always the lovable rogue ‘Vincent Pinner’ from the sitcom ‘Just Good Friends’


Occasional Word, The
Signed to ‘Dandelion Records’ they released one album ‘The Year Of The Great Leap Sideways’ in 1969

Made just one 45 in 1972 on ‘RCA Victor’

Orange Bicycle, The
Psychedelic pop band, which existed between 1967 and 1971. The band played a style influenced by ‘The Beach Boys’, ‘The Beatles’, ‘The Rolling Stones’ and the hippie counter culture. Their self titled debut was released on ‘Parlophone’ in 1970. Members : Bernie Lee, John Bachini, Kevin Currie, R.J. Scales, Wil Malone


Parlour Band, The
From Jersey and signed to ‘Dream’ they made just one album ‘Is A Friend?’ in 1972. Members : Craig Anders, Jerry Robins, Mark Anders, Peter Filleul, Pix Pickford

Religious folk band formed in 1972. They released four albums in 1970s their debut in 1972 being ‘Light Up The Fire’ on ‘Pye’. Members : John Pac, Keith Rycroft, Sue McClellan

Pentangle, The
British folk rock legends the original line-up (1967-73) : Jacqui McShee, John Renbourn, Bert Jansch, Danny Thompson, Terry Cox

Christine Perfect
‘Christine Perfect’ was the maiden name of ‘Christine McVie’ prior to her marriage to ‘Fleetwood Mac’ bassist ‘John McVie’. She released one self titled solo album on ‘Blue Horizon’ in 1970

Pink Floyd
Founded in 1965

Vocal folk trio, formed in Gateshead in 1970. Most famous line-up consisted of : Brian Hume, Irene Hume Ian Vardy

Pretty Things, The
Originally a Beat band from London, they formed in 1963. In 2017 I saw them play at the same festival I was playing, Lunar Festival. They did a ‘secret’ warm up gig with the ex-snooker player ‘Steve Davis’ doing DJ support set of psych. Original line up : Phil May, Dick Taylor, Brian Pendleton, John Stax, Viv Prince


With a progressive folk / rock / new age sound they formed in 1969 releasing the debut ‘In Blissful Company’ soon after. Members : Sambhu Babaji, Dave Codling, Shiva Shankar Jones, Jake Milton, Alan Mostert, Raja Ram


Terry Reid
‘Superlungs’ was born 1949 in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. He featured in ‘Peter Jay And The Jaywalkers’ and released his solo album ‘Bang, Bang You’re Terry Reid’ in 1968

Del Richardson
Featured in the bands ‘Osibisa’ and ‘Sundae Times’. His debut album ‘Pieces Of A Jigsaw’ is very hard to find

Folk rock duo, ‘Chas Seward’, ‘Steve Hall’ released one album called ‘Frightened’ on ‘Dart’ in 1973

Christopher & Janet Ridley
Featured on the 1973 ‘Sounds Like North Cornwall’ compilation of local artists, poets, choirs and brass bands with sound effects from various locations around North Cornwall

Andy Roberts
Was a member of the band ‘Plainsong’ he released a number of solo albums which started with his debut ‘Home Grown’ in 1970


Shide And Acorn
Released an album ‘Under The Tree’ in 1971 on ‘Solent Records’. Members : Graham Spencer, Jeremy Cahill, Joy Perkis, Mike Jolliffe, Steve Jolliffe

Project of ‘ex Yardbird Jim McCarty’, they released one album in 1973 called ‘On The Frontier’. Members : Bill Russell, Craig Collinge, Dave Green, Jim McCarty

Bridget St. John
Best known for the three albums she recorded between 1969 and 1972 for ‘John Peel’s Dandelion Records’ label. Peel produced her debut album ‘Ask Me No Questions’. I adore her

Releasing one album in 1969 called ‘Sound Of Sunforest’ on ‘Deram’ this folk rock trio consisted of ‘Erika Eigen’, ‘Freya Hogue’, and ‘Terry Tucker’

David Snell
Featured on many library music albums ‘David Snell’ is a British harpist and conductor

Mick Softley
Signed to ‘Columbia’ in the med 1960s he released ‘Songs For Swingin’ Survivors’ in 1965 and his second ‘Sunrise’ on ‘CBS’ in 1970

Meic Stevens
The Dylan of Wales released his first album ‘Outlander’ on ‘Warner Brothers’ in 1970

Formed in London in 1966 their first self titled album came out in 1970 on ‘Transatlantic Records’. Members : Del Bromham, Gary Giles, Karl Randall, Ritchie Cole, Stephen Gadd

London based band from the late 1960s who released just one self titled LP in 1969 and then broke up. Members : Dennis Homes, Jim Fraser, Leslie Cook


In 1969 ex members of ‘Bulldog Breed’ and ‘Please’ joined up to form T2. They released their debut ‘It’ll All Work Out In Boomland’ in 1970 on ‘Decca’. Members : Bernard Jinks, Keith Cross, Mike Foster, Peter Dunton, Robin Hunt

Jake Thackray
Born Leeds 1938, singer-songwriter, poet and journalist. His witty lyrics and clipped delivery, combined with his strong Yorkshire accent and the northern setting of many of his songs, led to him being described as the ‘North Country Noël Coward’

The Sun Also Rises
Short lived folk duo of ‘Anne and Graham Hemingway’. Released a self titled debut on ‘The Village Thing’ label in 1970

Steve Tilston
A member of ‘John Renbourn’s Ship Of Fools’. Released his first solo album ‘An Acoustic Confusion’ on ‘The Village Thing’ label in 1971

Tony, Caro & John
Folk trio consisting of ‘Caroline Doré’, ‘John Clark’, and ‘Tony Doré’. Released a private pressed album ‘All On The First Day’ in 1972

Trader Horne
Folk duo consisting of ‘Judy Dyble ex Fairport Convention’ and ‘Jackie McAuley ex Them’. Released one album ‘Morning Way’ in 1970 on ‘Dawn’

Folk rock band formed in 1969. Released two albums ‘On The Shore’ and ‘The Garden Of Jane Delawney’ both in 1970 on ‘CBS’. Members : Barry Clarke, Bias Boshell, Celia Humphris, David Costa, Unwin Brown

John Trevor
Was born in Leeds 1946. He used the alias ‘Beau’ and released two albums on ‘Dandelion Records’ – ‘Beau’ in 1969 and ‘Creation’ in 1971

U, V, W

Waiting For The Sun
Just one self titled album recorded and mixed during the summer of 1978 at ‘Profile Studios’, Wheathampstead, Herfordshire. Members : Nick Battle, Tamsin Ginger, Robert Michael, Dusty Miller, Ivor Twidell

Lal & Mike Waterson
Brother and sister duo who were in the folk band ‘The Watersons’ with sister ‘Norma Waterson’ and ‘Martin Carthy’. Lal & Mikes debut ‘Bright Phoebus’ was released on the ‘Trailer’ label in 1972

Deena Webster
Released a handful on singles and the album ‘Deena Webster Is Tuesday’s Child’ on ‘Parlophone’ in 1968

Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane
The album ‘Mahoney’s Last Stand’ came out in 1976 on ‘Atlantic Records’

X, Y, Z

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