A new home for Music Articles

Hello. By now you may have gathered that this is the blog of Paul Hillery. I like my vinyl and dig my music. Now and again I write an article and I’m giving the articles a new home so you can find them easier. You’ll be able to link to them from this page in future.

We Are The Children Of The Sun Featured

We Are The Children Of The Sun

A brief history of Folk-funk

Before I’m Gone

Terrence Orlando Callier

Terrence Orlando Callier

Steve Leialoha ‘Wooden Ships on the Water’ Original Art

Wooden Ships On The Water

The Polyphonic Spree DJ's the Spreadalittlelove Sound System

Spreadalittlelove & The Polyphonic Spree

Summer Madness Greetings

Summer Madness, Jetplane and the Greetings EP

Who designed the Smiley logo

Smiley, A brief history

Alone in the wilderness

More articles will follow . . .

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